Price list

Price list

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1-3 Q4-6 Q7-9 Q10-99 Q*
15 ml dropping bottle
Solution in 19 % ethanol

*depending on availability

The solutions of the remedies are delivered in air-free bottling, in order to avoid further potentization. For 15 ml dropping bottles before starting to take the remedy about one third of the liquid should be poured off, in order to ensure the potentizing effect of shaking the bottle immediately before taking another dose.

Higher potencies than available can be manufactured at an additional fee of 5 Euro per potentization step.

6 C12 C30 C200 C1000 C
1,5 g bottles7.008.9813.9818.0020.00

Special potencies in between those mentioned above may be ordered at an additional handling charge of 15 Euro.

Single doses
30 C200 C1000 C
Single doses as remedies to be taken like pills.
with PZN (central pharmaceutical number)
(12 big globuli ca. 0.5 g)

All remedies are manufactured according to the valid HAB and exclusively by hand.

Shipping: 5.75 Euro
No minimum purchasing quantity.
All prices are sales prices including 19 % VAT.